The term „garbage collection“ refers to the removal of items that the software no longer requires to make room in memory for other dynamic objects. Garbage collection recycles storage dynamically assigned golang developer to a program to be used by other objects. The term typically refers to automated regeneration for routine storage by the waste collector rather than explicit code to release specific memory blocks.

A variable declaration has its meaning at the time of compilation only, compiler needs actual variable declaration at the time of linking of the program. Although Go has types and methods and allows an object-oriented style of programming, there is no type hierarchy. The concept of “interface” in Go provides a different approach that we believe is easy to use and in some ways more general. By treating objects of different types in a consistent way, as long as they stick to one interface, Golang implements polymorphism. There are also ways to embed types in other types to provide something analogous but not identical to subclassing. Most code-sharing applications that companies use these days for interviews support Golang.

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Yes, you can use structures, methods, encapsulation, and inheritance in Go, but differently. Go’s multi-value returns make it simple to report an issue without overloading the return result for simple error handling. Error-values are used in Go programs to denote aberrant conditions. When there is an empty slot on the buffered channel, the transmitter will block, and when the channel is empty, the receiver will block.

golang developer interview questions

Go supports explicit type conversion to satisfy its strict typing requirements. A string literal is a string constant formed by concatenating characters. The two forms of string literal are raw and interpreted string literals. Modular programming is a way to divide a program into subroutines (modules / functions) for maximum efficiency.

Basic Go Interview Questions and Answers

Since Go is an open source programming language, it is very easy to create simple, reliable, and efficient software. A Golang package is a folder-like file organization that includes all Go content. In a code repository, packages are typically directories but Go code-containing folders. External packages can access exported structs, functions, and variables but not unexported entities.

golang developer interview questions

Golang has two integer types called byte and rune that are aliases for uint8 and int32 data types. You can also run the go command with the fmt argument. It will execute goftm -l -w behind the scenes and format all source code in each file in the current working directory. A Go channel creates a connection between two goroutines that allows those to communicate. The data that gets transferred and received through the channel should be of the same type.

In GO language how you can check variable type at runtime?

The difference between OS threads and goroutines is that OS threads are scheduled by the OS kernel. And this is a slow operation due to the amount of memory access required. For example, if variable bb has value 156 and is stored at memory address 0x1040a124 then the variable aa holds the address of bb . Now aa is set to point to bb or aa is a pointer to bb.

golang developer interview questions

Many tech giants like Google, Uber, and Apple love Golang for its faster development time, ease of learning, improved runtime, garbage collection, and many more. The break statement is utilized to stop the for loop or switch statement and assign execution to the statement quickly following the for loop or switch. Golang is faster than other programming languages, which enhances the availability and reliability of services.

Q31. Explain about switch statement in Golang?

We give them a task that could potentially arise in a future project. The mentor evaluates the candidates’ ability to adapt to a new environment and team quickly and to take initiative. If at this stage a person does not show himself, we part. Types that specify sets of methods are called interfaces.

  • The adaptation period lasts for two weeks, and if the programmer succeeds, he can continue working.
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  • The byte data type represents ASCII characters, and the rune data type represents Unicode characters that are encoded in the UTF-8 format by default.
  • Learn the core constructs and techniques that interviewers are looking for.
  • A dynamic type variable declaration requires compiler to interpret the type of variable based on value passed to it.

They lack implementation, much like other languages‘ interfaces. All-interface-method-implementing objects automatically implement the interface. There is no subclassing, inheritance, or „implements“ keyword. Go compiler assign a Nil value to a pointer variable in case you do not have exact address to be assigned. A pointer that is assigned nil is called a nil pointer. The nil pointer is a constant with a value of zero defined in several standard libraries.

What form of type conversion does Go support? Convert an integer to a float.

A channel is a communication medium through which a Goroutine communicates with different Goroutine and this communication is lock-free. Practically, in other words, a channel is a method that enables an individual Goroutine to send data to a different Goroutine. In this Golang Interview Questions blog, we’ll talk about the important Golang Questions which could be asked in your next Golang interview. We’ll look into questions from the very basics to advanced-level concepts of Go.